Manifesta 15 Barcelona

Manifesta 15 Barcelona | 08.09 - 24.11.24

In 2024, Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, will come to Barcelona and its larger metropolitan region for its 15th edition.

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What is Manifesta

Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, changes location every two years. Founded in the early 1990s, Manifesta rethinks the relation between culture and civic society, investigating and instigating an eco-social transition through contemporary culture in response to, and in close dialogue with, the social sphere of the Host City and its communities.

About Manifesta 15 Barcelona

Manifesta 15 in Barcelona has been invited to explore pressing public debates, based around the topics of the democratisation of public life; the defence of public space in the face of privatisation; the need to combine social progress with environmental challenges; fragility in terms of housing, the movement of people, capital, data and economic as well as ecological crises.

Education and Mediation programme

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Our team

Each edition of Manifesta is managed by a mix of permanent international team members and local specialists. Manifesta works from its offices in Amsterdam and the Host City.

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Manifesta 15 Barcelona is made possible by the support of our partners.

Support Manifesta

Manifesta is supported by an ever-extending international network of partners including foundations, sponsors and individuals. Manifesta’s supporters share our interest in creating platforms for dialogue between art and society, exploring specific geopolitical and sociological issues and creating long-term change for cities. Manifesta is grateful to all its benefactors for their vital contributions throughout the years.


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  • Thu 7 Dec

    Pre-biennial Manifesta 15 Participant: Diversorium Open Call For Participation

  • Tue 21 Nov

    Manifesta 15 Barcelona unveils the jury members for the Open Call!

  • Thu 2 Nov

    Manifesta 15 x Asian Film Festival

  • Wed 11 Oct

    Manifesta 15 Launches its Open Call

  • Wed 11 Oct

    Manifesta 15 x 48h Open House BCN

  • Wed 11 Oct

    Manifesta 15 x LOOP Barcelona

Manifesta 15 x Asian Film Festival

Thu 2 Nov

Manifesta 15 x Asian Film Festival

The 11th Edition of the Asian Film Festival Barcelona #AFFBCN arrives today at Manifesta 15’s headquarters. The event specialising in Asian cinema presents a programme that includes more than a hundred films from around 25 countries across Asia, in which historical narrative, gender issues and drama fill the cinematographic proposal of this edition with its content.

On Thursday the 2nd of November and Friday the 3rd of November, the following short and feature films will be screened. One hour before the screenings, the doors of our headquarters will open for anyone who is interested in seeing the findings of the pre-biennial research participants. Come and visit us!

  • 2/11 at 19.00. Un Soroll Llunyà.

SPECIAL SECTION. Adrià Guxens / China / Year: 2023 / Duration: 24' / Language: VOSE / Genre: Short film.


It is the first time that Jun works as a seasonal worker in the rice planting campaign. Despite being a young second-generation Chinese man, Jun has never had a real interest in rice culture, as he has always been distant from his Asian origins, even though his own grandmother, who lives in China, has worked in the industry all her life. However, sharing your days with a family of farmers who have also been growing rice for generations will gradually make you question what your true roots are. But he won't do it alone. He will be accompanied by the constant buzzing of mosquitoes, the roar of tractors and, yes, also the continuous calls of his mother.

  • 2/11 at 19.00. The Breaking Ice.

OFFICIAL PANORAMA SECTION. Anthony Chen / China, Singapore / Year: 2023 / Duration: 97' / Language: VOSE / Genre: Drama.


In the cold and wintry Yanji, a city located on the northern border of China, the young urbanite Haofeng, visiting from Shanghai, feels lost and adrift. By chance, he goes on a guided tour with Nana, a charming tour guide who instantly fascinates him. She introduces him to Xiao, an affable but frustrated restaurant worker. The three quickly bond over a weekend. As they confront their individual traumas, their frozen desires slowly melt as they seek freedom from a frozen world.

  • 3/11 at 19.00. Urban Interpretation – Muntadas in Hanoi.

SPECIAL SECTION. Nông Nhật Quang / Vietnam / Year: 2023 / Duration: 7'10'' / Language: VOSE / Genre: Documentary.

The renowned Spanish conceptual artist Antoni Muntadas embarks on a unique experience when traveling to Hanoi for the first time. Delving into the essence of this city, Muntadas immerses himself in its vibrant market and wanders contemplatively through its quiet cemetery as he usually does whenever he visits a new city. Through his quirky, introspective observations amidst the dense traffic of the city centre, this documentary is an exploration of the urban landscape and the essence of life in Hanoi.

  • 3/11 at 19.00. Peafowl (공작새).

SPECIAL SECTION. Byun Sung-Bin / Korea / Year: 2022 / Duration: 115' / Language: VOSE / Genre: Drama.


Myung is an expert in waacking, a type of voguing with a lot of poses. She has a lot at stake in the dance battle finale, because if she wins, the grand prize will cover the cost of the sex reassignment operation. However, Myung also has other challenges to face. Her father, with whom she wasn't in good terms with, has just died; and it is up to her, as an only child, to perform a traditional dance ritual at his funeral, which means undertaking an unpleasant trip back to her rural origins. Through it all, Myung has the support of a spiritual guide to defiantly face any opposition, coolly and confidently, staying true to herself, but also shedding some of her sharpest armor. In this way, she begins a winding path towards enlightenment, a journey in which she will soon be followed by the entire town.

📍Former Gustavo Gili publishing house. C/del Rosselló, 87-89, Barcelona.

Free entrance.

No prior registration is required.

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