Manifesta 15 Barcelona

Manifesta 15 Barcelona | 08.09 - 24.11.24

In 2024, Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, will come to Barcelona and its larger metropolitan region for its 15th edition.

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Casa Gomis

What is Manifesta

Manifesta, the European Nomadic Biennial, changes location every two years. Founded in the early 1990s, Manifesta rethinks the relation between culture and civic society, investigating and instigating an eco-social transition through contemporary culture in response to, and in close dialogue with, the social sphere of the Host City and its communities.

About Manifesta 15 Barcelona

Manifesta 15 in Barcelona has been invited to explore pressing public debates, based around the topics of the democratisation of public life; the defence of public space in the face of privatisation; the need to combine social progress with environmental challenges; fragility in terms of housing, the movement of people, capital, data and economic as well as ecological crises.

Education and Mediation Programme

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Frequently Asked Questions

Manifesta 15 Barcelona: F&Q

Our team

Each edition of Manifesta is managed by a mix of permanent international team members and local specialists. Manifesta works from its offices in Amsterdam and the Host City.

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Manifesta 15 Barcelona is made possible by the support of our partners.

Support Manifesta

Manifesta is supported by an ever-extending international network of partners including foundations, sponsors and individuals. Manifesta’s supporters share our interest in creating platforms for dialogue between art and society, exploring specific geopolitical and sociological issues and creating long-term change for cities. Manifesta is grateful to all its benefactors for their vital contributions throughout the years.


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  • Mon 12 Feb

    Prebiennial research participant Anaïs Florin activates her research

  • Tue 6 Feb

    Massa Salvatge and Lluc Mayol's workshop at Granollers

  • Tue 30 Jan

    The Manifesta 15 Metropolitan Assembly kicks off within the framework of the European Capital of Democracy

  • Thu 14 Dec 2023

    First Venues announced for Manifesta 15

  • Thu 14 Dec 2023

    Manifesta 15 Barcelona Clusters

  • Thu 14 Dec 2023

    Manifesta 15 Barcelona Open Call: Selected Participants

Manifesta 15 Barcelona Clusters

Thu 14 Dec 2023

Manifesta 15 Barcelona Clusters

Spanning across over 3000 km2, the 15th edition of Manifesta is set to bring fresh perspectives to Barcelona and the wider metropolitan region. Each of the 12 cities of the biennial will be grouped into one of three “clusters”, which will be linked to an overarching theme and geographical location. This will be the foundation of the biennial programme for Manifesta 15 Barcelona in 2024.

The Manifesta 15 clusters bring together projects at multiple venues in multiple cities around the three leading themes of the biennial: Balancing Conflicts, Cure and Care and Imagining Futures. The journey of each cluster commences at an extraordinary historical venue which links to its broader theme.

Balancing Conflicts: Cornellà de Llobregat, El Prat de Llobregat, L’Hospitalitet de Llobregat.

Cure and Care: Granollers, Sabadell, Sant Cugat de Vallès, Terrassa.

Imagining Futures: Badalona, Mataró, Sant Adrià de Besòs, Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

An artistic representative from each of these cities will form part of the Artistic Team of Manifesta 15 Barcelona; a team which will help form the programme for next year’s biennial.

In addition to the array of venues per metropolitan city, each city will also host a special Focus Week spanning across the 12-week biennial period. The Focus Week will celebrate the local cultural wealth of each city and will include a specific public programme commissioned for Manifesta 15.

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