Manifesta 15Barcelona Metropolitana08.09 — 24.11.2024


Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana offers different types of tickets. Explore all the available options to find the one that suits you best.

Manifesta 15 Tickets

Tickets are valid from the 8th of September to the 24th of November 2024 and can be used an unlimited number of times during this period.

It grants access to all venues, included ticketed and non-ticketed venues during the whole biennial period. Ticketed venues are The Three Chimneys, Monastery of Sant Cugat and Casa Gomis.

Please note that a reservation is required to visit Casa Gomis. Once you get your tickets, you can choose the time of your visit by registering here.

Tickets are strictly non-transferable. Each ticket is intended for use by one individual only and must not be shared between different people; to gain entry to any venue, you must present your ticket.

On request, visitors must present the necessary credentials when using a discounted ticket to gain entry to any of the ticketed venues.

Visitors must present the necessary credentials to aim the above-mentioned discounts.

Sant Adrià de Besòs citizens: if you are a resident of Sant Adrià de Besòs, you can get free access to The Three Chimneys. Please head to the website of Ajuntament de Sant Adrià de Besòs to receive your personal code.
Once you receive the code, get the free invitation to access the Three Chimneys here.

At Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana, we accept payments by Visa/Mastercard credit card and debit card, as well as by Bizum.

We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept cash payments or payments by cheque, bank transfer or money order.

Mediated Tours

Through attentive listening, mediators engage in an open dialogue with the visitors, acknowledging their interests, authentic experiences and backgrounds. It is a collective encounter that opposes the common idea of transferring “objective” knowledge or opinion from a more informed guide to a less informed audience.

The diverse team of Barcelona-based mediators collectively imagine possible approaches to the programme of the biennial, challenging and enriching each other’s points of views. Together with the visitors, they will explore local realities and histories from an environmental, social and political lense.

More information here.

Professional Accreditation

Professional Preview Days Accreditation for Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana is now closed.

If you have any question or any special requirements, please contact

Press Accreditation

Accreditation for Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana Preview Days is now closed.

Please note that from the 8th of September, all journalists will have free access to the venues during the entire biennial period through presenting their press card.

Should you have any questions, then please send an email to

Corporate Offers

Manifesta 15 is committed to the democratisation of culture by developing a programme that adds value and diversity to what Barcelona has to offer as a destination.

Manifesta 15 proposes group experiences and special discounts on tickets for companies to enhance what they can offer to their clients, employees or future stakeholders. ​